Monday, April 8, 2013

Our weekend...

Alex had a business trip to New York last week.  

This was one trip that I was wishing I could have joined him. 

Maybe next time!

He had the opportunity to be on stage for the opening bell at the NYSE.

This wouldn't be at the top of my list of things to do while in New York
but to my man - it was a definite highlight.

My Daddy was in town for a little bit.

He had to get some loves from his grandbabies while he was here. 

We had two happy, little girls when Daddy arrived home!

Alex brought Amelia a book of notebook paper 
and a pencil with the statue of liberty.

Girlfriend has carried them with her all weekend. 
I think she has almost filled the pages to that notebook already!

This was the forecast for our weekend.

Made me so happy!

I'm ready for spring to stay.

Sydney at bath time. 

She slept in her crib ALL NIGHT last night. 

We're still dealing with some sleep issues 
so nights like last night are something to celebrate!

Speaking of celebrating...
We had a certain three year old who stayed dry ALL DAY LONG. 
So we celebrated with a purple milkshake. 

I'm so glad I listened to my friends and family that said 
"just wait and let her tell you when she's ready."

It has been a slow process but we're seeing progress every day. 

We're so proud of her!

And we celebrated Sydney being off formula/bottle for almost a week now!
She actually likes milk and will drink it from her cup.

This is huge. 

She didn't want a shake though - she wanted onion rings.

An even bigger celebration took place this weekend at 
Arkansas Children's Hospital.

This is Owen.  
He's the son of my sweet friend, Renee.  

After having migraines/nausea for quite some time, 
they did an MRI and found a tumor on his brain stem.

They removed all of the tumor on Saturday and it's benign!! 
This little guy should get to go home very soon!

Amelia went with me to the hospital to sit with Renee. 
She was very concerned about Owen, even though she has never met him.

We went to the gift shop to find some things for Owen 
and like any female, she also found some things for herself. 
These awesome (non-prescription) glasses were one of the items.

She asked of Owen all weekend. 
Wanted to see his picture and would ask if he was okay.
I would pull one up on my phone and then we would pray for him.

I started crying when we received the news that the tumor was benign.
She was asking me what was wrong 
and I explained that God had answered our prayers. 
We were in Target walking the toy aisles.
I believe she said, "YAY GOD!"

I want her to see and believe that He is a God of miracles today
just like He is in all of those Bible stories.

That she can take anything and everything to Him
because He cares.

Nothing like praising Him this weekend along side my little prayer partner!

Our girls before church this morning.

I love this picture of Sydney. 

Her hair was especially crazy this morning. 

Amelia talked her Daddy into letting her help mow the yard.

It took a sweet forever.
It's the first time it has been mowed this season and he wants it done a certain way. 

Which means it took 6 hours and he's still not finished. 

Bless his heart.

He'll be living on Advil tomorrow.

Sydney stood at the door and screamed for Daddy and Amelia.

So I decided we would spend the afternoon outside.

We love playing on our trampoline!

We laid on our backs and pointed out the different shapes in the clouds. 

Amelia always sees unicorns and billy goats.
She'll say, "unicorns are bad...but I see them anyway."

She makes me laugh.

Amelia sings this song a lot.

"My God is so big, so strong and so mighty
There's nothing my God cannot do."

I've found myself singing it a lot this weekend too.

Love to all,


Momx6 said...

Good post! Love it.

Faith said...

Lots to celebrate!!

Unicorns are bad - lololol!!