Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Amelia, how does your garden grow?

I took this picture of Amelia this morning.  She loves to water her garden and it's growing. Our cucumber basket is looking pitiful.  I'm not sure what's wrong with it.  The color of the leaves are fading and it looks like something has eaten part of the leaves.  A rabbit or squirrel took one of our big, red strawberries so we've sprinkled cayenne pepper around the garden.   We were told that would keep them away.  We'll see if that works.  We need some gardening tips! :)

We received these pretty flowers today from my sweet friend, Dina.  I love tulips!!  Made my day.

When I first came home from the hospital, I took a shower and got in bed and Amelia asked, "Mama, why are you going back to bed?" I thought right then "this is going to be a long 6 weeks." LOL  Now that it has been a few days, she's used to me needing to rest after being up for a while.  She brings games to my bed to play.  I beat her at Hello Kitty Memory yesterday.  It's one of her favorites and she always beats me.  Maybe she let me win because I'm sick?

This was Amelia at nap time today.  She has been sleeping on a cot beside my bed since I came home from the hospital.  So sweet.

Aunt Joy took Sydney to the doctor today.  I'm glad I thought to add her name to the list of people that can take her before having my surgery.  Sydney has been acting puny over the last week. She finished her antibiotic for ear infection on April 20th.  She always seems to feel better for a few days and then stops sleeping, won't eat/drink, etc.  I hate that I couldn't go with her but I can't drive and I'm still healing from my surgery.  Aunt Joy took good care of her.  We're being sent to an ENT next week.  I knew this day was coming - we were just waiting for her to get the # of ear infections needed for us to get the referral.  She seems to be just like Amelia in the ear infection department.  Tubes are in our future and I'm okay with that.  I remember dreading it for Amelia but it ended up being the best thing ever.  She didn't have one ear infection when she had those tubes.  

The only thing Sydney has agreed to drink today is CFA lemonade.  So we're giving her as much as she wants!

And I want to thank my wonderful friend, Faith!  She gave my blog a new look and I love it!  I told her I wanted a chalkboard header and what I wanted on it and within minutes she was sending things over for me to look at.   She's the best.

Love to all,


Lauren & Eddie said...

We've started a garden, too, and James is loving it. Hopefully we'll wind up with some good fruits and veggies this summer.

I hate that Sydney is feeling bad! Hopefully she'll be on the mend quickly. We thought we were to the point of tubes last summer and then James recovered from his months of infections. I would sign both boys up in a heartbeat, though.

Love the new blog makeover! It looks fantastic!

Praying you'll feel 100% in no time! What a blessing to have family to help!

Christi said...

I love the blog look! Aww, I love your girls. Precious! Did you have the laposcropic/vaginal surgery? How long until you can drive? My last laposcropic//vaginal surgery I was able to drive as soon as I was off pain meds..,2 days. Oh course, I got tired easily. I'm only asking to plan ahead for my post op needs. Sorry for the questions.

Brigitte said...

The new header looks great! I really love the chalkboard look. My daughter is the same with the ear infections, but my son goes the croup and wheezing direction whenever he gets a cold. Miserable.

Faith said...

Poor, sweet Syd. I hope she feels better soon. I'm glad you have help from so many right now. You are very loved!

Still praying for you!