Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Diary: Fourth of July Weekend

My Uncle and Aunt invited us to join them at their lake house for the weekend.  

The fun started on Thursday evening!

Aunt Sandi made steak and potatoes...YUMMY!!

She spoils us and feeds us well!!

We roasted marshmallows after dinner and made S'mores. 

Roasting marshmallows over the campfire was a first for my girls. 

Simple things like this are the things I love most.

Aunt Sandi will say, "who is my little angel" and Sydney will say, "me." 

She has a special bond with her Aunt Sandi. :)

My Uncle Kevin.  He has the gift of making anyone and everyone feel loved.  

I love that about him.

We stayed up talking until midnight every night. 

Both of these men hold a special place in my heart. 

I made these chocolate biscuits for breakfast on Friday.  One of my favorite things to do while at the lake house is bake!

Aunt Sandi gave the girls a bag of goodies. :)

These glasses were a favorite. 

We headed out to do some tubing after breakfast!

This was a first for Sydney Faith and she did great!

And Amelia loves the water this summer!  It was so neat to watch her swim in the lake and even kayak on her own.

She's growing up.

Little time in the pool that afternoon. 

We grilled on the boat for dinner and got to hang with more family!

Sydney getting ready to paddle boat with Daddy.

Amelia with her sweet cousin, Kealee.  They spent a lot of time together over the weekend!

Despite my best efforts, Amelia experienced her first sunburn on her face. 

She didn't let it stop her though - she wore a hat and rash guard and got back out there!

FYI: Extra Strength Desitin is GREAT for a sunburn.

We woke up at our home on Sunday morning and headed to church!

PB was here and that made for two happy girls.

They were all smiles for Sunday pictures - thanks to Pryce!

Her hair is so long, you couldn't really see it, but I loved this little flower detail on Amelia's sundress. 

I've been patiently waiting for this Sunday.  I was so ready to hear all of the stories from our Cabecar mission team!

Our nephew Pryce (who just turned 16, yesterday) feels led to serve in Costa Rica. 

He always wanted to do something with the Game & Fish Department after graduating high school, but God changed his plans. This was his third mission trip to serve the Cabecar tribe and work with the missionaries in Costa Rica, and needless to say, part of his heart is there!

We are so excited for him and look forward to supporting him anyway we can. 

It's refreshing to see young people step out of their comfort zones and be open to whatever it is God has planned for their life. I PRAY my girls aren't so focused on themselves and their own plans, that they quench the plans of the ONE that really matters.  

They presented Alex with some gifts this morning for his work on the pass thru house in Costa Rica. 

He can't wait to go back and I can't wait to go with him!

It was a fun 4th of July weekend with family.  

And when I stop to think about what I'm most thankful for this Fourth of July's the freedom to worship with my church family on this beautiful Sunday.

That's something I think about every single day and I pray for those who do not have that freedom. 

Thank you to all who serve in our military, past and present.  It's because of your sacrifice that I get to enjoy that freedom.  I pray God blesses you and your families in a very special way.

Love to all,

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Wonderful pictures!
Your mama said you had a wonderful day!