Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Diary: Morning In The Driveway

The weather today was AMAZING. 

We walked outside to sit on the porch for a few minutes and ended up staying outside in our pajamas for an hour.

We just sat in the driveway and waved at the neighbors as they drove by with confused looks on their faces.

We greeted the mailman as he delivered our mail.

We talked about bees. 

I read the paper and had a cup of coffee.

The girls pulled some weeds out of the flower bed.

It was nice.

We saw a bee on one of the flowers. Amelia had to run in to get her paper and pencil. 

She loves to take notes. 

We talked about pollination. 

She drew a picture of a bee flying from flower to flower. 

I love her.

Sydney Faith started taking pics with my phone. 

I thought this one was pretty flattering...mouth full of coffee...she told me to "cheese mom."

She spent most of her time picking up dried worms to make Amelia gag. 

These two are something else. 

They made me laugh a lot today.

Love to all,

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Shades of Kristen said...

What a perfect way to start the day! :)