Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Diary: The Lake Life

My Uncle and SIL sent me a few more pictures from our weekend on the lake.  I wanted to post them for memories sake. 

I'm not a huge water sports person, but my girls loved having their Mama join in on the fun!

I'm a huge S'mores person.  

That is what I am.

Sandi + Sydney.

Roasting marshmallows.

Me + my guy.


I love our faces in this picture. 

I screamed the entire time. 

They laughed.

Mama is done.

Poor Sydney.  We forgot her life jacket, so this one covered her face the entire weekend. HA!

She was so tired the entire weekend.  One minute she would be laughing, the next minute, crying. 

Amelia Joy loved the water.

Ready to tube with Daddy!

Cousins - Kandace, Olivia, and Amelia.

This picture makes me smile! 

Love to all,


elainaann said...

Love these pics. Ready for you guys to come spend a few days on our side of the lake. :)

Faith said...

The pictures of you and your girls on the tube are my favorite! So fun!!