Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Diary: Life Lately

I ordered the girls some Elsa and Anna dresses a while back. They arrived this week and they've LIVED in these dresses. Sydney's dress hits the floor when she walks - it's pretty cute. 

We have no idea what this thing is, but it has been hanging outside of Amelia's window for a few days, just doing it's thing. It goes in and out of that "shell" - constantly moving. It's gross and fascinating at the same time.

We imagine it to be something really cool and keep watching for something amazing to happen! HA!

Baby girl is feeling better today.  She actually slept in her bed last night! Her first summer cold has been no fun.

We've been covering her in essential oils. 

Amelia's throat was hurting, swollen tonsils, and bright red. After using EO every day, she was better within 3 days. No doctor's appointment needed! 

We took the girls to Chili's last night for dinner. 

Sydney wanted to try some of my "trees."

Surprisingly, she liked them!

She's always willing to try something new. 

Her sister on the other hand...

The girls were given Maggie Moo gift cards for their birthdays and we finally got around to using them last night.

Blue cotton candy with sprinkles for Amelia!

Vanilla with Reese's pieces for Sydney!

It's still crazy to me that we have a blue-eyed girl.

This picture was taken right after she whispered to her Daddy, "the cone is really the best part."

That's Mama's favorite part too.

We're loving these long summer nights. 

Love to all,


Immeasurably More Mama said...

The cone is the best part :)
I'm so proud of you for using EOs!

Faith said...

They're the cutest Elsa and Anna that I've ever seen!

I just got my starter kit of essential oils and have been playing around with using them. I've heard so many wonderful things about them!