Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Highlights: Baking with Joy

My sister came over on December 23rd and taught me how to make cinnamon rolls.

I was surprised at how easy this recipe is to make!

I watched her the first time and then she let me give it a go.

My friend, Anna stopped by for a visit while we were baking. 

I haven't seen her in years! It was so nice to catch up over a cup of coffee.

We sent her home with some cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning!

They're topped with a maple icing...oh my...so good!

Two recipes made 16 pans of cinnamon rolls!

My house smelled divine.

I packaged up a pan for each of Alex's employees. 

And we hit the road to deliver them in person!

Joy and I decided we would make this a yearly tradition. 

We love baking. 

We love spending time together. 

We love gift-giving. 

It's really just the perfect recipe for the perfect day!

Love to all,

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