Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Highlights: Festival of Stars

Amelia participated in Festival of Stars at Arkansas Children's Hospital. 

She takes dance with a company that participates in this every year. 

I love that ACH does this for their patients. 

Since the kiddos at the hospital are too sick to come down to watch, they record the girls dancing and show it to the kiddos through television in their rooms. 

I love the smile on Mrs. Kathleen's face in the background. She's one of their teachers. 

They danced to Dr. Seuss's "Welcome Christmas."

Just stepping foot in ACH makes me overwhelmed with gratitude.

Grateful for a hospital like ACH and the doctors/nurses who work there.

Grateful that my babies are healthy.

It reminds me to pray for those precious babies (and their families) who spend day in and day out there.

Mrs. Kayla is Amelia's teacher.

She's one of the reasons Amelia loves dance.

These are a few of the girls in Amelia's class.

She loves that her cousin, Mika is in her class!

Love this girl so much.

 Love to all,

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