Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Highlights: Weaver Family Christmas

We spent Christmas afternoon with my family.

My Mama had stockings hanging for everyone on the banister. 

It's the first thing we saw as we walked in. I loved it!  

My nephew, Waylon and his fiancé, Alli.

I can't believe he's getting married next year!

The kiddos have grown so much!

I was looking back at pictures and found this one from Amelia's 2nd Christmas.

She was about 14 months old.

And here they are this year + we've added our sweet Sydney Faith!

I love this picture of my Mama.

This was an inside joke between her and Alex.

She got a kick out of the gift he bought her.

Jackson Luke is our December birthday baby, so he was opening birthday presents too. :)

I like to just sit and watch my family.

We love to be with one another.

We laugh a lot.

This was after we filled ourselves with yummy food and opened all of the gifts.

We had some tired boys!

Even though it was late when we arrived home, the girls wanted to play with their new play-doh set. 

I remembered being a kid on Christmas and just wanting to play with everything right then. 

So I let them play for about 30 minutes before wrangling them to the bath!

It was a great day.

Family is a wonderful gift.

The time I get to spend with my people...priceless.

Love to all,

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