Thursday, May 2, 2013

Playing, Pot Roast and Post-Op...

My Mama was here most of last week and went back to her house over the weekend.  
When she has to leave Amelia says, "when will Granny be coming back home?"
She has been here all week and we love having her with us.  
The girls have been keeping her busy.  
Sydney has been wanting my Mom to feed her.   
She refuses to ever let me feed her anything, she always wants to do it herself.  

The girls were coloring this morning so I had to take a picture.  
Mainly because Sydney was actually trying to color instead of eat the crayons.  
The girls are just starting to play together too and I love to watch them.
They just laugh and laugh and it's adorable.

Sydney is feeling better every day.  
The antibiotic seems to be helping her ear infections.  
I'm hoping it clears them up long enough for us to get tubes!  

Granny bought Amelia a new workbook.  
She loves it.  
She loves it even more when Granny sits and helps her.  

We tried a new recipe for dinner tonight.  
It's called Mississippi Roast.  

There's no doubting it's good when it's topped with a stick of butter.

pour one dry packet of ranch dressing
and one dry packet of au jus over the roast.
top with a stick of butter and five pepperoncini peppers.
cook in the crockpot on high for 6 hours.

It was so tender and had the best flavor.  
Sydney ate roast for the first time and loved it!

Alex and I had a roasted artichoke at The Cheesecake Factory back in March.
It was our favorite thing at that meal.  
I decided to try and roast one for him tonight. 
Doesn't it look yummy!?

You can find the recipe I used HERE
I also watched the quick video below.
I only had minced garlic vs whole clove - so that's what I used.

I'm only including this picture because I think it's funny. 
Aunt Joy took Sydney to the doctor and then took her to get scripts later in the day.
Now when Aunt Joy comes over, Sydney thinks she's going bye-bye with her.
This was the result of me telling her she couldn't go with her Aunt Joy.
So dramatic. :)

 I had my post-op appointment today.  
Dr. S said I look really good for one week out!
He said my pathology report came back and on top of endometriosis
it showed I had a condition called Adenomyosis.
The only cure is hysterectomy.
I'm glad I had this done now.  No more pain!!

I had a great day on Tuesday.  I was up a lot.  
And then I had a rough day yesterday and more pain today.
So I'm trying to find that balance of being up and doing but not over-doing.
I know having the help from our families has allowed me to take it easy and heal. 
I'm so thankful for that!

Love to all,

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Todd and Courtney said...

Im thankful you are feeling better and will hopefully have good days that will continue. Ive "pinned" that roast recipe and look forward to try it. Thanks for posting.