Thursday, May 16, 2013

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

Amelia chose "Someday" as her bedtime story book on Monday evening. 
I cry every time I read it to her. 

After reading it to her, she asked me, 
"are you crying because of the book, Mama?"

I told her, "yes."

She asked, "why?"

I explained that one day she'll grow up and move away
and before I could say anything else she quickly says

She looked so worried. 

I asked her why she didn't want to drink milk anymore. 

She tearfully said,
"Because milk makes me grow big and strong and I don't want
to grow big and move away, I want to stay here."

So I assured her she can still drink milk and she
can stay with Daddy and Mama for as long as she wants.
And she'll always be my baby. 

I love how her mind works.
And I love that she never wants to leave me.
Wonder if she'll feel that way in 15 years?

Alex's little sis has been staying with us quite a bit to help with the girls.

The girls call her "Apey."

She's so good with the girls.

She builds them tents...

She jumps on the trampoline with them...

She gives them lemonade...

Driving Miss Sydney.
April pushed her around the yard in this thing.
She would say, "put your feet up!"
And Sydney would prop her feet up on the steering wheel.

The girls have loved their water table.
They played in it a lot on Tuesday. 
It has been in the low 80's here. 
So nice.

Sydney likes to stick her face in the water like this.

She's all smiles while playing outside.

Nana took Amelia to work with her on Wednesday.
She wanted to wear a dress to Nana's office.
She looks so big in this picture.

They left early to go to Nana's house so she could get ready.
Amelia packed her backpack full of important things.
Like crayons and applesauce.

Nana said she was a good girl and helped with all sorts of things.
Amelia told me she helped Nana sell a few homes. (ha!)

Sydney got her tubes on Wednesday morning. 
Daddy was out of town on business.
I still can't carry Sydney so we were happy Aunt Joy could go with us.
She's their 2nd Mama!
Sydney calls her "Mama" too.  It's so sweet.

Getting a squeeze from my girl before going back.
She held onto her bunny until they took her to the OR.

She went with the nurse without crying.
I was so proud of her!

It took about 10 minutes and they were taking us to recovery to see her.

And bless it, she was not happy. 
The anesthesia made her so cranky.
She would arch her back and kick and fight.
Just as soon as she would settle down a bit, she would start again.
Aunt Joy held her and loved on her.

She cried the entire way home. :(

Until right as I was pulling in the driveway. :)

She has been doing SO WELL today.  

She giggles when I put in the ear drops and has been 
sleeping SO WELL. 

I'm thankful our doctor recommended we have the tubes now vs. later.
I think she's going to feel so much better now. 

Love to all,


Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

Love my time with you and girls!!

Sara said...

Love reading about your sweet girls! Tubes made all the difference for Bryce, so it is great you got them now vs later.

Lauren said...

Your girls are just SO precious!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl said...

I love reading your posts and wish I could comment each time. I can relate almost every time to what you are experiencing. I keep telling Hannah she can live with mommy and daddy forever! And, today, Zoe got tubes. She too cried from the anesthesia, would calm down and then start up again. I can already tell she feels better. I don't know how we will ever let these precious girls grow up, go to college, get married and leave our little nests. We will laugh and cry together. Thanks for sharing such sweet posts!

Alex and Jill said...


I hope Zoe does well with tubes!! Happy to hear she's already feeling better. And I know...Alex says he'll do just about anything to get our girls to stay local to go to college and live at home. Haha!