Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What we've been up to lately...

Our Aunt "Apey" has been with us the past few days. 

The girls love having her here.  

She has helped me with the girls and I appreciate it so much!

This little one has kept April on her toes.  

Busy, busy, busy!!

My Mom bought Amelia these little fisher-price workbooks 
and she has completed all of them. 

She wants to sit and do her workbook until there's nothing more to do! 

I ordered some k-3 - k-5 curriculum to start using at home.  
We should receive it soon. 

It's the same curriculum that was used when I was in Kindergarten. 
I think she'll really enjoy it. 

Sydney received this precious backpack for her birthday.
We have laughed and laughed at her carrying it around on her back.

We've seen a lot of SuperAmelia lately.
This is Amelia's superhero face.
Serious business, y'all.

We've celebrated Big Teddy's birthday.
Amelia said he's now five years old. 
She would carry him around and say,
"Happy Birthday, Big Teddy...you're my big boy...you're 5 years old!"

Chuy's opened today! 
Alex took us for dinner.

They gave Amelia some tortilla dough. 
She has played with that stuff and refuses to throw it away. 

I ordered this. 
There was no way I could finish all of this food.  
It sure was good though.

They gave the girls push up sherbet pops for dessert. 

They were fans.

I sent my Mama and sister this picture after we ate. 

The caption was "when did she get so big??" :(

Seriously, she looks older than three years old in this picture. 

I'm not a fan.

I broke down and bought Amelia one of those pillows that shines stars on the ceiling.
She has been asking for one for over a year. 
I told her I'd buy one if they ever go on sale.
Today was the day.
She told me "now we can always go to sleep under the stars."

We took this character to the ENT today.

We had a really good appointment.

She played and ate snacks as we waited. 

Sat in her chair like a big girl.

Read a few magazines.

Our baby will get her first set of tubes next Wednesday.

Love to all,


Immeasurably More Mama said...

Our boys have wanted a pillow pet for awhile, too! Now that they share a room, their Grandma bought them the triceratops last week. They call it their "light show" and they love it!

Ellery said...

Be careful with those pillows. I recently saw a story about one that never turned off and it melted the plastic and could have started a fire or burned the child.