Friday, May 3, 2013


I love Pinterest but I'll be honest, 
I pin a million things and never make anything.

I made the Mississippi Roast recipe and it was a hit, 
so I decided to try the cinnamon roll waffle recipe.  

You start with a can of Grands Cinnamon Rolls.

Spray a little "Pam" on your waffle maker.  
Place the cinnamon rolls on the waffle maker and press down.

I kept opening it to make sure I didn't burn them.  
I think my waffle iron has a sensor that tells me when they're done
but I forgot that until now.  

Anywho, they turned out perfectly!
I topped mine with butter and syrup.

I topped Amelia's with cinnamon roll icing. 
She doesn't like syrup.
But she still wouldn't eat them. HA! 
She ate dry apple jacks instead. :-p

Love to all,

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Lauren said...

That looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!