Friday, May 10, 2013

Time with Nana...

Our Nana was here for a few days. 
Amelia is going to hate when these 6 weeks are over. 
She has loved having family here every day to play with her!

Amelia and Nana surprised me with an early Mother's Day gift. 
They planted these pretty flowers for our mailbox!

Sydney Faith is doing better.  
Back to sleeping until 8am. 

I'm not big on huge bows 
but I love her in this sweet little headband.

She was trying on her Nana's shoes in this pic. 
Girl loves shoes.

And taking naps with Mommy. 
She fought nap time for an hour and then came to my bed and 

I'm helping plan my nephew's graduation party.
Can't believe he's graduating.

We're having our first Mother's Day celebration 
with my family tomorrow evening.  

Looking forward to a weekend with family!

Love to all,

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