Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 2013...

May has come and is almost gone.  

It has been a different kind of month for us.
We've had someone in our home to help us for over 5 weeks straight. 
I'm slowly rebuilding my strength/stamina after this surgery. 
I'm experiencing lots of headaches, nausea, hot flashes, night sweats, abdominal pain.

Stuff like that. 

I'm REALLY looking forward to HRT. 
I'm hoping that will help 4 of the 5 things listed above. 

We've been home a lot this month. 
We found out that Amelia really loves puzzles.
And she's really good at them too.

This was her latest puzzle.
It was 45 pieces - she had been working 25 piece puzzles.
Took her about 20 minutes to put Jake together. :)
She has put him together more times than I can count now.
And now she's asking for another puzzle!

We spent a day at the condo with Papa & Granny.
And a few of our favorite cousins! 
Amelia had a great time with Jackson, Millie and Will.
Sydney enjoyed snooping around the condo.  
She's always on the go. 

Sydney is growing like a weed. 
I love this age and she's sure keeping us on our toes!

We have lots of this when she doesn't get her way.
I'm curious how the terrific-twos will play out.

Alex and I had a date night this month. 
If we get one a month it's a miracle but we sure love it when it happens.
I just love having dinner together, talking without interruption. 
He's my best friend and I adore him. 
Doing life with him is a gift.
I love him a lot.

And chocolate souffl√©.  
I love that too.

I had the opportunity to take Amelia on a little daytime date.
She was cracking me up.
She requested to sit outside and thought it was the coolest thing ever.
She would make this face (below) and say, 
"what a perfect day to sit outside and sit under the umbrella!"

I ate this amazing veggie sandwich on a pita.  
I think I need another one of these tomorrow.

I really love her.

Me and my girl.

Amelia and Sydney went to their cousin, Peyton's graduation.
This is Amelia with her Daddygrand.

Amelia, Peyton, Laila, and Mika.
Sweet Cousins.

We've spent a good amount of time outside this week. 
We like to take the girls outside to play after dinner. 
They get good and tired, we bathe them, and then we all sleep really well!

Amelia and I sat outside for a good hour this morning.
Alex put up a gazebo canopy so we sat on the deck while it rained.
I enjoyed my coffee while Amelia checked on her strawberries.
And we've started planning her 4th birthday party. 
We're both excited about the theme!

June is only a day away and will be a busy month for our family.
Lots of fun stuff but busy.
I bet I take a few pictures.

Love to all,


jmcr foundation said...

Wow these pictures are so sweet.

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Lauren said...

I Love your precious family!!!!!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

1. That sandwich looks amazing!
2. I hope you start feeling a little more normal soon. :(
3. Love summer time with my little ones! Yours are SO sweet and you're just the greatest mom.
4. Hudson and Amelia are two peas in a pod. Hudson can work a brand new jigsaw puzzle SO quickly and then it's as if he memorizes it and does it again in less time. Love those pictures of Amelia with Jake.

Faith said...

That picture of Amelia at lunch is just about more than I can handle. I love that girl! I've been praying for your recovery and will keep on. Love you, friend!

Sarah said...

Jill - I've been reading your blog for years and love the photos of your sweet girls! And, I can just hear Amelia soaking up the sun on your lunch date!! What fun times. I had a total hysterectomy when I was 30. That was 18 years ago already. What you are writing about your surgery I so relate to. It took me a full 8 weeks to really feel myself again. I was able to start HRT very soon after the surgery and that made all the difference in the sweats, hot flashes, sleep, helped my headaches some but not totally. I've always had migraines and they did worsen for awhile....but then returned to their "normal" migraine status. Ha! Is there such a thing? Anyway, all of this to say that HRT WILL really help you to feel better. I hope you can start it soon. I've been praying for you. Hugs to you, Sarah