Friday, January 7, 2011

Early bird gets the worm. Or at least a shower.

Alex always kisses me goodbye on his way out the door in the mornings. I never remember it. I'm snoozing so hard - it never wakes me. This morning was a different story. I think I was dreaming or something, because as soon as he kissed me goodbye, I woke up and nearly came out of the bed. Scared me (and him - bless his heart) to death. That was around 6am. Once I was awake, I couldn't go back to sleep. I started thinking about a friend of a friend that went into pre-term labor with her twins yesterday. I decided to just stay awake and pray for her, her babies, and anyone else that came to mind. Once I was finished, I laid there checking emails on my phone (I love my iphone - it's a luxury for which I'm so very thankful). Then I got the bright idea to get up and shower BEFORE Amelia woke up. Most days I wait until she's down for her morning nap to take care of anything that I need to do, including showering. It makes me feel so much better to do it beforehand though. I'm going to go ahead and say that showering before she gets up - makes me a better mother. Crazy? Maybe. But it's true.

Amelia woke up at her usual time of 9am. She was coughing and snorting over the monitor and I was immediately concerned. She had her last dose of antibiotic for her ear infection last night. She has been on it for 10 days. She was actually better as of yesterday. How does she immediately have a runny/stuffy nose/drainage/cough/low grade fever the day after she finishes a round of antibiotics? Sigh. I'm just ready for my baby to be well and I'm concerned as to why she keeps getting sick. I really feel like she has allergies, but the doc told me they don't usually test for that until after they're two years old. We go to the ENT next week, so I will be voicing my concerns at that appointment...we'll see what he says. I may just go ahead and put in an order for that special bubble for her to live in...might make things easier.

I made Amelia homemade hash browns this morning. We were sharing them and then she decided (after 3 bites) that she had enough and wanted a waffle. She loves those little french toast waffles. She loved them so much that when it came to the last few pieces, she decided to just tip her bowl up and down them. So much like her Mama, it's not even funny.

After breakfast, we read a couple of books, she played with a few toys, and then I gave her a bath. She didn't get one last night, since we got home late from home group. The girl loves the bath!

After being up for less than two hours, she started saying, "nigh-nigh" and crying. So she's now down for her morning nap. I have several things I want to accomplish while she's asleep (blogging being one of them), so I will say goodbye for now.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Love to all,


Lauren said...

Hope your sweet girl feels better!!! She is just precious!!! :)

Kevin said...

Don't you love those baby-in-bath pictures? I must have a hundred of the grandkids and those pics just become more precious as the kids get older!

Cuddles and Chaos said...

I hope she gets feeling better. Hugs to her and you.

We are blessed to have one of the best allergists in the nation. Typically allergy testing before 3 years old is ineffective but it can be done if you want it to be. My middle child was tested at 15 months as requested by a specialist to make sure that wasn't causing her severe failure to thrive. No allergies though her first year was filled with lots or ear infections. However, she just had to repeat the allergy testing at age 7 due her initial allergy testing being before 3.
You're the momma and if you're concerned then that's what you tell the doctor. Good luck at the ENT. It's hard to see our babies so sick.
My youngest has a severe dust mite allergy (crazy, I've always thought)...but goodnes she really gets ill especially when she was younger...with things like what Amelia has. So if you'd like do some dust mite prevention just in case, email me and I will gladly share what we have learned.

Get better Amelia.

Ashley said...

I love Amelia's two cute little bottom teeth-adorable! I bet you just want to eat her up. And I am going to be aspire to be like you today-my goal for myself is to shower in the morning every day when I'm home with the baby. We'll see how that goes! : )

Amber said...

Poor Amelia!! Hope she is feeling better.

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

sometimes its viral and antibotics do not help:((( the way this weather is does not help either, hot and cold......ugh! praying for her to saty well......hugs

Betsy said...

I can't believe Amelia sleeps till 9 every day! LUCKY! :) I hope she feels better soon. She has had a rough time lately, poor thing! :(

Mel said...

That poor sad baby, I am so sad for how sick she has been these past few months. I hope you guys can find a solution to get rid of these awful ear infections soon. Breaks my heart!