Monday, January 17, 2011

Quiet Day...

Alex and I were supposed to have a date night on Saturday evening. We had a sitter and everything. He had an 8am meeting that morning and by the time he got home and it was time for us to get ready, he was feeling puny and I was exhausted/still sick. I just looked at him and said, "do you still want to go on a date or stay here?" We chose staying at home. (LOL) I ended up going out and getting a much needed mani/pedi/eyebrow wax. I was way overdue for all three of those. I picked up dinner and we ate at home. It was nice to just stay at home, eat in front of the tv, and blow my nose in private. We've gone through almost 10 boxes of Puffs Plus in the last month. I'm not even kidding. I made fun of Alex for buying kleenex in bulk, but I have to take it back. We've blown through it. *Pun intended*

Amelia and I missed church last week, so it was nice to be back this Sunday. I feel out of place if I'm not with my church family on Sunday mornings. After church we ran by the mall to pick Amelia out some new pjs for her surgery day. Whenever I've had to have surgery I get new pjs - so she gets new ones too. :) Gap had a huge sale. We found her a cute pair of valentine pjs w/huge hearts on them. Her surgery is so early Wednesday morning - we'll just scoop her out of bed and go. After grabbing a bite to eat at the mall food court (I had Great Steak - yum!), we came home and took a family nap.

Today we've just hung out around the house. It has been a good day. Alex & I are still feeling icky, but Amelia is feeling much better. I'm ready for all three of us to be well at the same time. I look over while making Amelia's lunch and she's laying her head on the tray. I gave her a pillow so she'd be a little more comfortable. She took a morning nap, so I'm not sure why she was still so tired!?

And this is how my girl has entertained me (and herself) today. She has had a blanket over her head most of the day. She either walks around with it over her head and feels her way around the house or plays peek-a-boo with me. She's been running into walls, the entertainment center, etc. I try to get her to stop, but for some reason she enjoys having her head covered.

Silly girl.

It has been a quiet day at the Averitt House. Happy Monday, y'all!

Love to all,


Lauren said...

Love that sweet girl!!!! :)

Shazia said...


I have been following your blog for awhile and have commented on occasion. Just want you to know that I continue to enjoy reading. My daughter Seraya loves to walk around with things covering her head as always makes me so nervous! Hope you all start to feel better soon!

Jen said...

Oh Amelia, such a silly little girl. She is so cute!! It was good to see you last night. Let me know how the tubes go tomorrow. We'll be praying!

Love you.