Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My parents came in on Sunday evening. I hadn't seen them in over a month, so I was excited they were coming for a few days. On Monday evening, we met up with most of my brothers & sisters to have dinner. We had Mexican food. I haven't had Mexican food in FOREVER. It was good.

I took Amelia to her 15 month well-visit on Tuesday afternoon. She had to get 3 shots. As soon as I put her in the car - she went out. Shots always make her tired. Well...they make her cry and then they make her tired. Poor thing.

Tuesday evening, my Dad had a Conference to attend. My Mom, Joy, and I went to a prayer event for the upcoming Beth Moore Conference in our area. I seriously sat and cried through the promotional video. If you've been to a Beth Moore Conference, you know why I would cry through that video. If you haven't...I urge you to find an event near you and go. I left wishing April 15th were tomorrow. Can you imagine wanting tax day to be here tomorrow!?? It's just always a wonderful conference! Beth always brings it and to worship with thousands of other women is an awesome experience. They gave us goody bags filled with stuff and this was in mine. I've never been through this study, but look forward to it!

My S-I-L, Elaina took care of Amelia for me and I very much appreciated it! Amelia wasn't in the best mood since she had shots and no nap. Poor Aunt E. Amelia cried off and on for the first hour. Yet Aunt E said she would keep her again in a heartbeat. That's true love. :)

Today we've stayed at home in our pjs. My hips are killing me. I'm going to have to start back to the chiropractor next week. I felt like mother of the year, laying on the couch watching Amelia play today. Not cool. It's all I could do though.

Tomorrow we have home group. I'm making one of my favorites - tamale soup. My meal planning/cooking every evening is going really well. I look at the pie chart on the computer and the piece of the pie that was SO VERY LARGE and marked FOOD/EATING OUT has shrunk significantly. YAY!!

Oh, and look at what Amelia started saying this evening! She was named after her Aunt Joy and I have no doubt my sister will LOVE THIS. :) We've been working on it for a while and she started saying it all of the sudden tonight.

Love to all,


Charon Benton said...

i am LOVING that video of A. saying "joy" how cute and special!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Love that sweet face! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! And I know you were happy to have your parents in town - I love when mine are here. Love you.

Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

That video is so adorable! I love the way she says Joy! So cute!

-Many Smiles

Lauren said...

She is just too precious!!!! And I heart Beth Moore. Still so bummed I really didn’t get to talk to you at the conference in ATL :(

andreajennine said...

Oh my word. That "joy" is just about the cutest thing.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you would share or give me the link to your chcocolate chip cookie receipe? I have not found one good go to choc chip cookie receipe and you are always cooking/baking delcious sounding/looking things, so I figured it was worth asking. I have an eleven month old sweet baby boy, and I know you must be busy with your daughter, soif you're able to find time to share that would be awesome. Love reading your blog- Amelia is a doll!
Liz (