Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All About Amelia - 17 months old!

Amelia, you're 17 months old!!

You weigh 25 lbs and you're 32" long.

You wear a size 4 diaper.

You're wearing 18-24 month clothing and size 5 shoe.

You go to bed at 8pm and wake between 9:00-10:00 every morning.

You have several new teeth. You're finally getting your molars!

You love being outside. You ask all day long, "side???"

You've started "reading" books on your own, flipping through the pages. You won't sit still long enough to let us read an entire book to you yet. :)

Your favorite shoes are your rain boots. You bring them to me all throughout the day and ask me to put them on you.

You're a happy little girl. You smile A LOT. :)

Chicken and steak are two of your favorite foods.

When you get tired - you lay your head over on us. Even in restaurants you will lay your head down on the table when you're finished. So sweet.

When you see a camera you say, "CHEESE!!"

You've started bringing me a diaper to put on your baby and will say, "poopee."

You're a people-watcher. You love to watch other kids. When we're in a restaurant you wave at people and say, "HI!"

You have this new (borderline gross) habit of kissing and licking your toes. We put you in your car seat for a long drive to the Grandparents house and you quickly pulled off your socks and started kissing & licking your toes! Ewwwww. (LOL)

You stick your pinkie finger out when you're drinking something or eating a fry. Such the little lady...when you're not licking your toes.

Speaking of french fries...I can't go through a drive-thru without you thinking we're getting "fry-fry." We can go through the pharmacy drive-thru or the bank and you're in the backseat asking for a fry!

When it's time to take a bath you run to the bathroom and say "towel" the entire way. We get a towel and then you head to the bathtub.

You've started saying please when you want something. It's so cute - how will we ever tell you no again!??

A few other words you're saying:

"Scuse" (excuse me)
"Choo" (whenever you sneeze or we wipe your nose)
"Ee-Ee" (movie)
"Ruff" (when asked what the puppy says)
"Moo" (when asked what the cow says)
"Nack" (snack)
"Ookie" (cookie)
"Alex" (whenever you hear Mommy say Daddy's name)
"Babe" (whenever you hear Mommy call Daddy babe)
"Bey" (obey - whenever you get in trouble)
"Chick-Chick" (chicken)

Amelia, we're amazed by you every day. You keep us laughing and surprise us daily with all you know and continue to learn. You're truly a sweet little girl and already have such a tender heart. We pray that when the time comes - you'll give that tender heart to Jesus and do great things for His kingdom. Never doubt how much He loves you!!

"You will be a crown of splendor in the LORD’s hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God." Isaiah 62:3

We love you,
Daddy & Mommy


elainaann said...

So looking forward to lunch tomorrow with you and your TODDLER!! Aunt E doesn't remember giving permission for her to grow up. :)

It looks like she has been shopping. See several new outfits in these pics at least to me. I hope she will share with her cousin someday. :)

Whitney said...

She is absolutely adorable! I love this post. :)

Amanda said...

LOVE the pink sparkle TOMS! She's such a fashion plate (big surprise)! :) She is so precious!!

Momx6 said...

Love it!

Laura said...

She is so adorable!! LOVE the way you did this post! I would have never thought to put down the diaper size!! LOVE IT!

Ashley said...

Precious. I want to take her home with me! And I LOVE her room! That name sign is so cute!

Ashley said...

I just love hearing about your sweet girl because I can compare what she is doing to the boys since they are all so close in age. She is just precious. Those pink Toms are my favorite!

And you are just as sweet as candy too.

Heather Bug said...

SOOOOOOO precious!! I just looked at your last post and LOVE your master bedroom!! I thought it was a picture in a magazine of how you wanted your room until I saw where you got everything. SO cute!!! Hope you are wonderful and that Amelia is feeling better!!!

Betsy said...

She is so beautiful, Jill. I love the one with her little pinkie sticking out! Haha! So cute.

Cheryl said...

What is it with the toes??? Hannah is doing that too! Can't believe she is 17 months old! Love her Toms shoes! She is just precious!

Faith said...

These posts make me so happy! I love to read all the latest on Miss A. The toe thing cracked me up and the fact that she says "bey" for obey is the sweetest thing! I just love her!!

Kristen said...

These are my very favorite posts that you do! I know she will cherish these so much when she is older!

Ashley E. said...

She is PRECIOUS!!!!!!! And I also love her room!

Mel said...

You can see that personality of hers just shine through in every photo. What a little princess. Getting closer to 2 is just so fun, they really bloom as little people in such a great way.