Saturday, March 5, 2011

I love weekends...

We went to the doctor yesterday. We waited for a while to see the doc. Amelia kept resting her head on me. I love when she does this.

She went ahead and brought her own stethoscope to check her vitals as we waited. They think Amelia has a nut allergy. They called in an Epipen and referred us to a pediatric allergist to confirm. I'm still praying it's not!!

After our doctor's appointment we ran to Alex's work for a few minutes. He wanted to take her in and show her off to some of his co-workers. :) We then headed to the mall to have some lunch. We like to get a chicken philly sandwich and fries. We share the chicken out of the sandwich, but I think Amelia would eat all of it herself if I let her. We always get our drinks from CFA...unsweetened tea for me - milk for her. She looks so big to me in this picture!

Friday evening is usually when we eat out, but I was so tired and my back was killing me so we stayed home. Joy had made us PW's chicken pot pie, so I put that in the oven. It was delicious!! We watched an Elvis movie that was on TCM. This was my nephew Pryce's FAVORITE movie when he was little. He loved Elvis. When we would ask who his favorite actor was he would say, "Avis" & "Scooby Doo." HAHA! So cute. Amelia enjoyed the movie too...she likes any movie with singing.

Alex took us to Mimi's for breakfast this morning. We all chose the pancake breakfast. Our waiter was obviously new and bless his heart...I was trying to be patient and not get irritated with him. I'm fairly certain they trained him for about 30 minutes and then just let him start waiting tables. He was struggling. The more I thought about it - the less irritated I became and actually felt sorry for him. I can only imagine how overwhelmed he felt. Once I changed my stinky attitude about the waiter - it was a good time! :)

Amelia had the Mimi Mouse Pancakes. I'm certain hers tasted better if for no other reason than because they were shaped like Mickey Mouse!

Now we're home. Amelia is sleeping, Alex is cleaning the garage, and I'm blogging. I need to load the dishwasher, wash some towels, and fold the laundry on the bed. So I had better stop blogging and get to it.

I love weekends.

Love to all,


Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

fun day:)

Faith said...

So glad your sweet family had a great weekend! I love that pic of A with the stethoscope - too cute!!

Also, I really want pancakes now =)

Mel said...

I am so sad your poor girl is having SO many issues lately. I cannot imagine how stressful it is on you both. I sure pray it isn't a nut allergy, either.

We love Mimi's so much. I took L out for the mimi mouse pancakes for her bday. :) She squealed with delight over them. We had a new waiter on Sunday after church, too! The poor guy was struggling, took responsibility for every mistake and confessed it was his first day. I love honest people, waiting tables is SO HARD, especially brunch at 11:30 on a Sunday!!!