Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer and Strawberries...

Amelia and I have enjoyed caring for our patio garden.
Although our squash and cucumber plants seem to be a gonner, 
we're learning and definitely plan on doing this again next year!

She came home from her Daddygrand's and Nana's and 
found her first ripe strawberry!

She was nervous to pick it.

She kept pulling on it and would say 
"oh no, I'm going to squish it!!"

She was trying to be so careful.

Daddy finally stepped in and helped. 

She washed it and popped it in her mouth 
and insisted it was sweet as sugar.

We've picked a few more since then
and celebrate each time.

We're not known for our green thumb around here 
so this is huge for us! 

We also have lots of cherry tomatoes that we're
just waiting on to turn red so we can pick them.

The girls are LOVING playing in the backyard these days.

These girls can run and play and run and play.
Oh to have that amount of energy again!! 

Sydney usually cries when we make her come inside.

We're gradually adding things 
for them to play with in the backyard.  

We have a water table, trampoline, 
horseshoes, and soccer goals.
Amelia thinks we need a pool, 
so we'll see about that.

We're working on our patio as well. 
I purchased some new cushions for our patio set.
I alternated the print with a solid since there are six chairs.
I wanted it to be bright and fun.

I picked up a few cushions for the chairs in our kitchen. 
I love this print with the stripes!

We're just lovin' our summer evenings!

Love to all,

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Shannon said...

I love your new cushions! I need to get some for our back deck. Your girls are such cuties!