Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Beautiful Thursday...

We set up a keyboard for my Mama to play since she doesn't have her piano right now.  I heard a special duet coming from her room last night.  

Sydney Faith was enjoying herself.

We had lunch with Daddy and took some treats by his office after dance this morning.  

There's just something about a giant white board that screams FUN.  This is what the girls did the entire time - erased all of those non-important notes written on the board and replaced them with precious artwork.  You're welcome, Daddy.

I thought it would rain this afternoon but instead it was nice and windy.  I can't believe it was in the 70's today!  Sidenote: the wind is currently tearing the roof off our home.  Or at least it sounds like it.  

We spent some time outside before heading in for naps.  

Amelia's pediatrician asked during her 4 year check-up, "do you wear your bike helmet while riding your bike and scooter?"  So now she says "SAFETY FIRST, MOM" before she'll get on her bike.  Every.single.time.  Sydney wanted to try on Amelia's bike helmet but quickly became claustrophobic and cried her eyes out until I removed it from her noggin.

We have home group tonight.  I picked up a Two Sisters strawberry shortcake for dessert.  I'm trying my best not to cut a piece before 6:30 this evening.  

February is almost over.  Our Sydney Faith's birthday is next month!!  We're planning a baby doll party.  Baby dolls are one of her favorite things right now.  

Two years old.  *tears*  

Where did this baby go??

Love to all,

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