Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014...

We've had a fun week of giving Valentine cards/gifts to our friends and teachers.  

We found these little mailboxes in the Target dollar bin several weeks ago.  We snatched them up and Amelia filled them with candy for her Bible study friends.  

They turned out really cute!

Sydney gave her class goldfish Valentines.  

And then it was dance on Thursday!  We attached a ring pop (one of Amelia's faves) to each one.

We gave all of their teachers at Bible study and dance a coffee mug with their initial.   I'm so appreciative to all of their teachers.  CBS has blessed our family in so many ways.  I feel like I can't say thank you enough!  And Amelia adores her ballet teachers.  They're such sweet young ladies and they're so patient with the little ones.

Speaking of ballet.  Sydney just sits at the door and watches them every week.  I know she wishes she could get out there with them.  She's almost as tall as the three year olds!  She still has a year before she can start classes  - she's going to think she's so big when that day comes. 

The girls woke up on Valentine's Day to new books from their Granny and they also received a package of goodies in the mail from their Aunt E!

Amelia woke up early on Valentine's Day.  Not sure why but she worked on her new Highlights magazine while I worked on a cup of coffee and read my Bible study.   This was in between her talking non-stop. :)

She also filled out Valentines for her friends that were coming over for our annual Valentine party.  She wrote her name on about 10 and then said her hand was hurting. ha!

I put their Valentine "envelopes" out while they were napping.  Since they had so many treats from family already.  

They received new house shoes, band-aids, chewing gum (as Amelia calls it), and a few other little things.

The chewing gum was her favorite.

Sydney liked her stickers, band-aids, and really liked her Veggie Tales detangler.  I came out and she was trying to drink it!  Silly girl.

After lunch, they worked on a special dance for their cousin, Victoria.  She was coming over to babysit and that was Amelia's gift to her. HAHA!

Amelia worked on a tap dance while Sydney worked on her ballet moves.

We ordered take-out and stayed home on Valentine's Day.  We still had some things to do for the party on Saturday.  Alex and I will get a date night on Sunday night though...looking forward to that! Victoria tried to teach Amelia some cheerleading stunts while she was here.  Amelia kept saying, "I can't do this, I can't do this." Not sure she's cheerleading material. ha!

Alex brought home chocolates and balloons which made his girls very happy. :)  

Love to all,

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