Tuesday, February 25, 2014


This was my husband about 30-45 minutes before service time on Sunday.  I leave to get coffee creamer and walk in to him climbing up to fix a light. Only at JC.  HA!

Sydney giving Daddy some love before service time

I volunteered to work in the sound booth.  This was only my second time and I was a nervous wreck.  Why must there be so many buttons and slides???

My father-in-law was my partner in sound. We didn't totally wreck the service, so I think they'll let us come back for a third time

We had a joint service with All Points and it was wonderful.  Love these people and loved our time of worship. 

Sunday's service was dedicated to those sharing about the latest Cabecar mission trip.  I laughed.  I cried.  It was a good time.

Sunday picture time!

Amelia is getting pretty good at taking pics.  She captured this the first try...record time!

Time for our girls to get in front of the camera!

We had some time with family after church.  Nice photobomb by my brother-in-law. :)

I've shared a little about our Devotion in the Closet time.  My girl no more than hears me up and getting ready on those days and she's preparing the closet with everything we need.  

Y'all, this is my favorite time with Amelia.  Like EVER.  

We spend at least an hour in that closet and it's the sweetest time.  

We have our devotion, we read the Bible, we sing, she talks A LOT, I listen.  I just sit there smiling as she shares what she thinks about the topic of the day.  And laugh as her mind wanders to something totally off the topic, which happens much of the time.

I try to keep my phone put away for the most part but there are times that I have to take a picture of this face.  I want to always remember these moments with her.  Think she'll still want to have devotion in the closet when she's 16?  I sure hope so.

We use a different devotional every time.  We purchased some new ones at Barnes & Noble last week.  

We were talking about Servanthood yesterday and she wanted to list ways that she could serve.  Here are a few of the things she threw out:

1. Give money to those people who don't have a home or food to eat.  
2. Give CFA gift cards to those people who don't have a home or food to eat.  (I'm thinking she overheard this at home group.) 
3. Don't give Texas Roadhouse gift cards.  But Sonic would be good!
4. Go to Costa Rica and build a pass-thru house.
5. Make cards for people all the time.
6. Fill shoeboxes for kids for Christmas.
7. (And my personal favorite) If someone falls into a hole - help them out. 

If you aren't spending some time with your kiddos.  Time where you can just sit and truly listen to them - make the time.  

Time to go buy some gift cards.

"There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven..." Ecclesiastes 3

Love to all,

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Sara said...

I feel so much better knowing that if I fall in a hole someone will help me out! Ha!

I have a four year old boy and I just LOVE their little hearts!!! They are so innocent in many ways but so aware at the same time...hard to explain but I know you understand.