Saturday, February 15, 2014

Frozen Valentine Party...

Today was our annual Valentine party!  

Amelia chose the Frozen theme.  I had a hard time getting into planning this party.  Mainly because I re-use a lot of my pink/red decor every year at our party and Frozen was blues/white/purple.  The only thing we had in those colors were some Frozen themed items the girls were given at Christmas. But after asking her 534 times if she was SURE she didn't want a red/pink/white Valentine party and receiving the same answer each and every time - I just went with it.  

Sydney received Olaf for Christmas.  He's one of my favorite characters in the movie.  He ran the snowball toss game. 

These were the take-home gifts.  I found an etsy seller that makes these little bags with the Frozen characters.  We filled them with a Frozen ring, build a snowman putty, and Anna's chocolates.

We attempted to make Diamond Ice Bracelets.  I bought the wrong type of thread/wire/whatever you call it.  I blame it on the guy at Hobby Lobby who told me what to buy. ha!  Some of the Mamas were able to get them to stay tied.  This Mama will not be going into the jewelry making business any time soon.  That's for sure. 

My SIL painted the castle and Olaf for a Frozen party she threw for my niece.  I was so happy she let me borrow them!  And a local catering business let me borrow those huge paper snowflakes for the party.  I didn't have to make was so nice!!

Elsa in her ice castle.

We had the soundtrack playing at the party.  It's hard not to sing along with the songs.  We want to go back and see the sing-a-long version in theatres...that would be so fun!

I found all of the Frozen printables online for FREE.  

Now let's talk food and drinks...

We had hot cocoa...

Melted snow...

And Olaf's Summertime Lemonade to drink.

I didn't have one original thought when it came to the food table. Every single thing I found on Pinterest.  Thank you, Pinterest!

Snowballs, snowman arms, and snowman noses

Anna's chocolates, snowflake pretzels, and frozen grapes. 

Edible icicles.

Snowflake cake.

Blizzards (Shakey's frozen custard)

Kristoff's ice blocks (blue jello squares)

Sven's snacks (CFA nuggets)

Snowman cheese sticks

We also had snow dip (french onion dip) with chips. 

We were excited for Elsa and Anna to join us at the party!  

Some of Amelia's dance friends were able to come!

And some of our church family!

Caught Kandace with her mouth full...oops!

My sis and nieces joined us!

And our cousins were able to come too!

We were so happy, Jackson and Millie were in town this weekend!

It was a beautiful day.  The kids wanted to play outside the entire time!

The trampoline was a favorite.

Sweet Mika.  She loves to play by herself.

Sydney Faith wanted to go outside so badly.  I told her she had to put on some shoes. 

One Hello Kitty tennis shoe and one patent leather dress shoe. ha!

Sophie has grown so much since I last saw her.  She is just beautiful.

Just like her big sister!

Velia and Greta.  Our girls take dance together.  I was so happy they could come.  I wish I had taken a picture of all the Mamas!

The girls putting together their bracelets.  

Peyton and Joylyn 


Some of them did stay together.  Their Mamas had better jewelry-making skills than me.

Playing pin-the-nose on Olaf

Photo with friends

Amelia and Sofie

This was most of the kiddos.  Some didn't want in the picture (Sydney) and some had left the party by the time we took a group photo.  I never think about those things at the beginning of the party.   And Jackson is cracking me up.  He said he would stand off to the side because he didn't want his picture made with girls. ha!

Me and my girls.  I love doing this for/with them every year.

This picture is the sign of a good party.  We were picking up toys after everyone left and she told me, "Mama, I'm just exhausted, I can't do this." hahaha!

Such a fun day.

Love to all,


Joannah said...

Wow! What a wonderful experience. Jill, you are a great party planner. I am just starting to plan a Dora birthday party for Michaela. Thankfully there are super creative moms like you who blog about their beautifully thought-out parties so I can copy them. Ha! :D

Rikki Hester said...

How absolutely adorable!! You are such a good momma, Jill! I wish we lived closer so we could join your wonderful parties! :P