Saturday, February 1, 2014

We Will Survive...

Can you believe it's FEBRUARY!??  It's the month of LOVE and I love that.  We're planning our annual Valentine party.  It will be a little different this year.  Amelia requested a FROZEN themed party, so I'm trying to gather things for that.  

I ordered this shirt and received it a couple of days ago.  I'll be wearing it a lot this month. :)  Alex loves it.  Wanna show your man some love?  Go HERE to order a shirt. 

February is also National Pie Month.  I don't even know where I read that, but feel I must celebrate now that I'm in the know.  And I just happen to have a new pie dish waiting for me.  Is this not the prettiest pie plate you've ever seen!?  I love the gold edge.  So now I just need an amazing, new pie recipe.    

Alex left for Costa Rica this morning and arrived there around 2 p.m.  We sent a team of six to break ground for a pass-thru house for the Cabecar tribe.  Alex is excited to see the friends he made on his last trip and work side-by-side for the week.  

They'll be camping outside in tents - no running water or electricity.  Roughin' it. :)  There are cell phone towers nearby.  So maybe, just maybe, we'll get to talk for a few minutes each day.  We're going to miss him terribly but we're praying they accomplish all that God wants them to accomplish while there.  If you'd like to pray for our team, you can click on this picture and it will give you specific prayer requests for the week.'s just me and these two clowns for the next nine days.  

The girls and I were talking about Daddy going to Costa Rica.  I asked Amelia how she thought we could survive the week without him and she promptly asked me to grab a pen and paper to make a list.  She's so my child.  Below is the list she gave me.  I love that she ended with "this is all my words" and then signed it.  Sydney wanted to sign it as well, so Mama helped her.  And just FYI: that was not all her words.  She used a lot more words for the remainder of the day.  Girlfriend never has a shortage on words. 

My parents gave us the gift of a date night before Alex left town!  We ate dinner at Copeland's.  It was yummy.

Alex needed to grab a rain jacket to take on his trip, so we headed to Bass Pro after dinner.  I could not stop laughing at this "motorcycle."  It had two wheels on the front and was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.  It was quite comfortable though.  I told Alex that we were going to buy one of these when we hit retirement and travel the United States.  I'm going to buy leather pants and a bandanna and get a tattoo for the occasion.  He's looking forward to it.

Oh I kid. 

We had plans of going to our cousin Mika's birthday party this morning but Amelia woke up throwing up.  :(  

Or as she calls it - vomiting.  

Poor thing has thrown up four times.  Every time she says, "I hate to vomit, it scares me."  And every single time she has looked at me beforehand and said, "Mama, will you hold me, my belly hurts."  

And then she throws up.  

So I at least know when it's coming.

At the moment, she's laying beside me in my bed, fast asleep. She loves my bed warmer and it takes her all of 2 minutes to fall asleep when she's warm.  I'm praying this is just a 24 hour thing and no one else gets it.  I'm washing and lysoling and doing all I can do.  


I didn't mean to end this post about vomit but it just happened.  

Sorry about that. 

Happy February! 

Love to all,


Sara said...

Hope sweet Amelia feels better soon and everyone else stays well!!

Momx6 said...

You will survive - you will TRIVE!

Faith said...

Y'all all are just the cutest. I know that your week alone did not go as smoothly as hoped, but you did it! You are a wonderful support for Alex and all of the ministries that y'all are involved in. <3 y'all!