Monday, February 10, 2014

My Heart Is Home...

Nothing could put a damper on our day, yesterday.  We were going to church, we were feeling well, and Daddy was coming home!!  Amelia wanted to make her Daddy a welcome home card as soon as she was ready for church.  

She loves to make people cards.  It's her first thought when she's about to see someone, or it's someone's birthday, or it's not someone's birthday, or someone isn't feeling get the idea. :)  I love her sweet heart.

My girls before heading to church.

Alex's flight was supposed to get in at 2:00 p.m., and then 6:30, and finally they arrived at 9:30 last night!!  All of these pictures are blurry because they couldn't stay still for a minute.  

It was like they were excited to see each other or something!? 

It was pretty stinkin' sweet. 

Back in Arkansas! YAY!!

Sydney was with Papa and Granny at home in bed.  She's waiting on her Daddy to get home from work today, so she can give him a big 'ole hug.  We couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces.  It was great to have the other half of my heart back.  Nine days without him wasn't easy but I'm so proud of him and his heart for missions.  He worked so hard last week.  I know that my job in supporting him is staying home and caring for our babies.  And one day, we'll get to take these trips together, all four of us! 

Amelia wanted souvenirs as soon as we arrived home.  

Daddy brought her all sorts of goodies. 

She woke up this morning and immediately put on her Costa Rica shirt and grabbed her "rock collection."  If you know Amelia, you know she has a thing for random rocks.  I have no idea what her fascination is with them but we can walk out of a restaurant and she'll want to take a rock from their landscaping as if it's a treasure.  The rock on the far right in the picture is out of the Chirripo River in Costa Rica.  Where Daddy took a bath! It's the most special of all. :)

I'm fairly certain the rest of the rocks came from a special place called the airport gift shop.

Papa made the girls scrambled eggs and crispy bacon this morning - their favorite!

Sydney woke up early from nap time with a tummy ache.  She let me hold her like a baby for a good 30 minutes, so whether she was telling stories or not, I didn't care.  

And now we're waiting on Daddy to get home while watching Madeline.  We're having roasted chicken, potatoes, and brussels for dinner!

Life is good.

Love to all,

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Faith said...

Yay! I'm so happy that your man is home and your family is complete again! You're a rock star mama!