Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life Lately...

All four of us together on Sunday morning - now that's something to smile about!  It's always a treat for Alex to be home with us on Sunday mornings.  He usually leaves for church WAY before us girls.

I taught the babies on Sunday morning, so I was with my baby girl. 

Amelia spotted some hats at church and has worn this thing every.single.day.

Sydney Faith being Sydney Faith.

We went on a date Sunday evening.  Always nice to have some alone time with my guy. 

I caught Amelia coming out of her room munching on something.  When I asked her what it was she took me to her bed with her head hung low.  She had a stash of hershey kisses and rings under her pillow.  She slept on them for two nights straight.  Lord only knows how many chocolates she consumed.  HA!

Mondays are rough for the Averitt Girls.  We had lots of snuggle time which Mama LOVES.

We've had a taste of Spring over the last two days.  Sunny and 70 degrees = sunglasses and lots of time outside to play!

No clue what this pose is about.

Riding our bikes never gets old.

We jumped in the car to grab some lunch after playing outside.  We looked a hot mess but that's what drive-thrus are for!

We came home after lunch to take naps and then played until Daddy arrived home!

Amelia asked for some new puzzles this week.  We bought two on Sunday evening and she can already put them together within a few minutes.  I wish there were a way to check puzzles out and then return them (like at the library).  She gets tired of them and wants new ones and I don't have room to store them.  I do love that she loves them though.

I've started having devotions in the mornings with Amelia before Sydney is awake.  

Devotions in the closet.  

We sit on the floor in my closet and discuss a certain topic while she eats her breakfast and I have a cup of coffee.   We read scripture from her pink Bible which she loves.  She likes to ask questions which I love.  Our first devotion was on Modesty and today's was on Holiness.  She loves one-on-one time and I want to make the most of our time together.  I can't believe she'll be five years old this year.   

Love to all,


Kerwin Pruitt said...

Thanks Jill- so love your posts and pictures of your wonderful family! Tell Alex I miss him and God bless you all!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I love that you have devotions together in the closet floor. :) Maybe you could organize a puzzle swap with some friends?