Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our Weekend...

Yesterday was one of our Devotion in the Closet days.  I've been making a point to do this with Amelia every other day.  Our topic yesterday was "My Daddy is Bigger."  It was all about our Heavenly Father and how big He is compared to any situation that comes our way.  I shared the story of the widow and the oil jar.  It's the first time Amelia had ever heard that story.  She started to get teary-eyed as I explained how this Mama must have felt as she had just lost her husband and was fearful of losing her two sons.  After devotion time, she said, "Mama, it's on my heart to make some cards for people with you." haha!!  She loves to draw pictures and make cards.  I loved that she said, "it's on my heart."  

Sydney slept late, so we had time to make her some pancakes before she was up for the day.  She was mighty appreciative. 

I made Amelia some hot cocoa and no more than handed her the cup and she dropped it.  My girls get their gracefulness from their Mama.  

You know that look on your child's face when they've done something but it was an accident.  But they aren't sure how you will respond?  I saw that look on Amelia's face and it broke my heart.  God continues to show me that my response to my children is SO VERY IMPORTANT.   No need to cry over spilled hot cocoa.  The kitchen needed mopping anyway!  And Amelia was determined to help. I didn't take a picture of Sydney fighting her sister to help mop but I'm sure you can imagine that one.

A few more pictures of our day...

Another beautiful day to play outside!  

Makes me so ready for spring.

I said it was time to go inside and this is what I got.

We spent our evening at Barnes & Noble.  

Amelia's eyes lit up when she rounded the corner and saw the kid's section.  She couldn't believe how many books they had just for kids. ha!  Sydney enjoyed the stage and lego area.  

We came across this book and Amelia had to have it.  They just read this to her at dance class and she said it was so good.  

I bought this book to start reading with Amelia before bedtime.  She asked me where the pictures were as she looked through the book.  I told her that she would see them in her mind as Mama read the pages. :)  We read the first chapter last night and we were both laughing by the end.  

My little late sleeper.  She snoozed until 10:30 this morning.  She immediately asked for pancakes as I lifted her out of the crib.  She shared some with her "bun-bun."

Alex and Amelia went to our niece, Victoria's swim meet this morning.  

Amelia made sure to tell me before walking out the door that she was really happy it was just her and Daddy going together.  

Well thanks. :)  

They said "Roo" swam fast!  Yay Roo-Roo!!

My parents are celebrating 45 years of marriage this weekend!!  Happy Anniversary, Daddy and Mama!  Thank you for loving each other.  Thank your for staying together despite the hard stuff that marriage brings. Thank you for making me laugh non-stop over the years.  God has written a beautiful story for you as a couple.  I love you both!

Alex and Amelia are on their way home.  Today we fly kites!!

Love to all,

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Faith said...

Oh, how I love those girls!! I just hate that we are so far away from them. :( The devotion in the closet idea is so great and I know Amelia must look forward to that time. So special! I cannot get over how big Sydney is getting. It's happened too fast!

Love that picture of your parents. Happy Anniversary to them. They are inspiring to so many!

Love to you all!