Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Wonderful Wednesday...

We've had the best weather this week.  On Tuesday, I packed the girls a picnic lunch and we spent the afternoon outside.  My girls take naps every day but playing outside has Sydney napping for 3 hours. That time in the sun makes her tired.

My girls won't eat sandwiches but they'll eat everything that goes on a sandwich. :)

Amelia helping her sister.  Sydney tries to peddle her bike so hard and just can't quite do it. 

Alex brought these gorgeous flowers home this week.  I love having fresh flowers sitting around the of my favorite things.

I tried a new recipe and it was a hit!  I love vegetarian pasta dishes.  This one had roasted cauliflower and tomatoes.  The sauce had a hint of maple syrup which went well with the lemon and capers.  

Alex had baked Chilean Sea Bass to go with his pasta and Sydney ate more of it than he did.  She eats things off her Daddy's plate that she would never eat for me.  She also tried (and loved) roasted red pepper hummus.  I love when my girls will try new things.  

Alex is teaching himself and the girls Spanish.  They had a little lesson after dinner. 

We had Community Bible Study this morning.  Amelia was dressed and ready to go and I look over to see her wearing these glasses.  They aren't prescription - she chose them months ago at a gift shop and loves to wear them.  So I let her.  I've learned that it's things like this that make her who she is and I don't ever want to try and change that.  As long as my babies are clean and dressed and loved - that's all that matters.  It's OKAY and GOOD for them to show their personalities.  And sometimes that means choosing hot pink/over sized glasses or a giant yellow ball cap to accessorize their outfit.  

Bible study was SO GOOD today.  I love the teachers and the ladies in my class.  I gain something from this study every.single.week!  It's just awesome.  The girls love it too which makes me even happier.  

After CBS, we headed to lunch.  We chose Chuy's because the parking lot was empty.  The girls behaved so well.  That made for a good time for all.  Amelia immediately asked for tortilla dough.  She loves to play with that stuff. 

They handed it to Sydney and she stuck it in her mouth and started eating it.  She ate it all. *gag*

We headed to Target after lunch.  We tried to fly a kite yesterday and boy was that humorous!  Amelia could barely stand up from laughing at me running with that thing dragging behind me.  We I sorta broke her kite yesterday, so I promised her a new one.  She hopes it will be windy on Saturday so Daddy can help.  Can't say Mama didn't try! 

It has been a wonderful Wednesday!  

Honestly, it has been a wonderful February.  Not that it has been an easy month.  It has been painful at times.  

Growing pains.  

He's shining a light on some not-so-pretty heart issues.  Quite appropriate for the month of LOVE.  

I'm thankful God loves me and desires to have a relationship with me.  I truly want Him to change my  heart.  Change my desires.  I want to want the right things.  I want to respond in the right way.  A way that reflects Him and not me.  Because left to myself, it's not pretty.   Alex made the statement in one of his messages a few weeks back, "God is in the heart transplant business."  This has stuck with me. I love that.  

Change my heart oh God 
Make it ever true.  
Change my heart oh God
May I be like You.  

"And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh." Ezekiel 36:26

Love to all,

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