Monday, June 10, 2013


Amelia waited patiently for her Daddy to call us last night. 
She waited...

And waited...

She was so happy to see his face. 

I'm not going to lie.
I started crying as soon as his face popped up on the screen!
I miss him.

He showed us the backyard where he was staying the night. 
It had fruit trees and monkeys! 
It was beautiful. 

Amelia asked if he would bring home a monkey.

Sydney kept running up to the screen and saying
"Hi Da!!"

Melt my heart. 
They love their Daddy.

This is a picture from this morning.
They were going to drive as far as they could and then hike 2-3 hours 
to reach their destination.
Alex was able to email earlier this morning. 
He said he slept better than he has in months last night.
I bet he sleeps well again tonight after that hike!
We were able to FaceTime again tonight - I'm so thankful for technology!

We picked up one of these over the weekend.
I'm so excited to use it this summer. 
We have it in the freezer right now. 
There are all sorts of recipes in the book and I love that I can 
put fresh fruit juices and fruit in them vs buying pre-made.
We made popsicles last summer but it took a sweet forever for them to freeze.
This only takes 7-8 minutes!

We had a cousin date today at CFA.
These girls were so happy to see each other!
And I enjoyed some grown-up conversation with my SIL, Jen!

We went by the pottery store to pick up our "artwork."
It turned out so cute!
This is the back - picture of the front coming after Father's Day!

Amelia painted this Hello Kitty. 
She was very pleased with how it turned out.
I think she inherited her painting skills from her Mama.

We came home and took a nap after our errands.

Sydney has been fighting nap time for over a week now. 
She thinks 45 minutes is a nap.

No ma'am. 

Today she actually let me hold her for a while. 
I loved it. 

My friend, Aamie dropped a little package at our doorstep today.
A sweet card and treat for me and the girls.
Thank you, Aamie!!

Took Amelia all of 2 minutes to tear into her new puzzle!

I caught the girls holding hands while watching a cartoon this evening.
This was right after they both got in trouble for fighting.
Still sweet to see!

We just finished bath time/bedtime routine.
This Mama is straight worn out. 
Taking my advil and headed to bed!

Love to all,

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Momx6 said...

Precious girls - precious photos to cherish all your life. Love you all!