Thursday, June 6, 2013

Daddy is home...

We started our day out with taking a bath.
We got in so late last night and were all too tired to deal with bath time. 
Bath time around here is much like an Olympic sport for all involved. 
And without Daddy's help - Jesus take the wheel.

We had some breakfast after bath time.
I love Sydney's facial expression in this picture. 
Girl means business when pancakes are involved.

Amelia loves to wear hats.  
Especially straw hats. 
Or any other sort of weird hat that you can think of.
As a baby she would wear little knitted hats - would never even try to pull them off.
She's the same with sunglasses.
I decided we would get her a ball cap. 
She took a liking to one of her Daddy's caps but it wasn't quite the look we were going for.
Ya know...big and manly.  Not small and monogrammed.
So we decided on this pink ball cap with her initials. 
Great for summer!

I went to the doctor for my 6 weeks post-op.  
Everything looks great!
I'm clear to exercise and do whatever I want!
I started my estrogen cream and it should kick in within 72 hours.
I may or may not be watching the clock. 
So ready.

Alex is home!!  
He brought Amelia home a new puzzle from Denver. 
100 piece Hello Kitty puzzle. 
She ripped that baby open and was determined to put it together tonight.

We have a surprise for the girls tomorrow night. 
They're going to love it. 
We're getting in a little family time before he leaves for Costa Rica on Sunday!

Weekend is almost here!!

Love to all,

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Faith said...

Oh my, that girl in her monogrammed ball cap is too much for me!! Love her. Hope y'all have the sweetest time together as a family this weekend :)