Thursday, June 27, 2013

Growing up...

I take the girls outside to snap a few photos every so often. 
They're growing so fast, y'all. 
I look back at pictures from just three months ago and cannot believe how much they've grown.

I'm shooting more video these days. 
I love going back and watching videos from when Amelia was a teeny-tiny.
Before she could really talk. 
She can definitely talk now and having video of them both will be priceless.

We were running errands one day last week and for some reason it was just me and Amelia.
There are times she'll tell me "we make a great team, Mom!"
She's right. 
I hope she'll always want me on her team. 

Does she look 3 1/2?
Please say, yes.

She's registered for a ballet workshop that will take place in a couple of weeks. 

She's most excited about the recital at the end. 

She has watched lots of Angelina Ballerina and thinks she knows everything 
there is to know about dancing. 

I was explaining they would teach her ballet and different types of dance. 

Her response: "Well, I already know how to dance."

Heaven help her teachers. 

Talk about growing up. 
Sydney will be 16 months in just a week.
She's saying more and more words. 

She said "Granny" this week!
And "yes ma'am."

She can give a look that gives you no doubt what she's thinking. 

I'm blaming her Aunt Joy for that one. 

She's so funny. 

And stubborn.

I love this baby so much.

We ended today with a few rounds of crazy Bible eights.
I try to tell Amelia how to play sometimes. 
I see it as teaching.

She does not.

Love to all,


Jennifer said...

Love!! Her little personality sounds a lot like a little girl who lives at my house. Funny that she already knows so much :)

Your girls are beautiful and getting so big!

elainaann said...

I was just going through your old blog post yesterday looking at pics of Amelia when she was so tiny and little.

I need to plan a special lunch to have with her sometime soon. Maybe next month.