Sunday, June 23, 2013


Watching Amelia run to the potty throughout the day makes me laugh.

And makes me so happy.

She'll be playing and all of the sudden
jumps up and takes off running without saying a word.

It's crazy to me how it just happens overnight.
All of the sudden it "clicks."

We've had ZERO accidents since she finally decided to go #2!!

She's thrilled to wear panties every day.
She wants to wear them at night for bed but we're not ready for that yet.
Not sure how long that will take.

We went to Build-A-Bear. 
She was promised this trip many, many months ago. 
The conditions were she had to be potty trained.
She was promised two stuff animals and clothes for her bear.

She decided to make one for her and one for Sydney.
She said she didn't need two.
It was sweet of her to think of her sister.

My friend, Ginny and her girls were in town for a few days. 
They joined us for the B-A-B trip. 
This is Amelia with Ginny's youngest, Presley.

Amelia chose a plain, white bear for Sydney.
And a rainbow bear for herself. 

Here she is filling her bear with "fluff."

About to put the heart in Sydney's bear. 

Washing and drying her bear.

Dressing her bear.

Sydney made herself comfy while waiting.

She chose a princess t-shirt.
A rainbow tulle skirt.
A pair of rainbow sunglasses. 
A pair of rainbow tennis shoes 
and a pair of skates.

All to go on her rainbow teddy bear.

Named "Lovey."

And she named Sydney's bear, "Dovey."

Girl loves to rhyme.

When it was time to leave 
she strapped on those skates...

And rolled to the register.

Checking out.

She was happy, happy, happy!

Aunt Joy stopped by with Amelia's favorite chocolate chip cookies.
Granny gave her a neat Lalaloopsy sticker book.
Ginny gave her some fun activity books.
Family and friends have been so sweet to text Amelia a message
just telling her how proud they are of her. 

They know how long we've been waiting for this day! 

She told me "seeing Sydney going on the potty really helped me."
And followed it with "I'm potty trained before Sydney." (LOL)

Speaking of Sydney, she's getting her one year molars.
She hasn't been herself for at least a week.  
Poor thing!

It's so weird and nice to only have one in diapers.
I'm usually sad to see them grow out of certain things.

This one.
Not so much. 

I'm proud of my big girl!


Christi said...

I just love Amelia Joy!

Christi said...

Amelia Joy makes me smile all the way in Ohio.

Lauren & Eddie said...

Yea, Amelia!!! James was completely potty trained last August be he is still not potty trained over night. He wakes up with a heavy diaper or pull-up every morning so I know he's not ready. I checked on him at midnight last week and he was still dry. He got up and 1AM and I jumped up and tried to take him potty but he'd already gone. I have no idea how to go about training at night...