Thursday, June 13, 2013

Would your members do that?

We picked up Chuy's for dinner last night.  

My dinner dates. 

We've had some cherry tomatoes to pick for the past two days.
They're delicious!!

We have some larger tomatoes that are still green.
Sydney picked two of our largest ones (that weren't ready to pick)
last night and threw them on the ground. 
I'm going to have to keep that girl away from the garden. 

Potty Camp is going well. 
Today started with a few more videos. 
Sydney was interested as well.
What are the chances of me training my 15 month old while we're at it?
I'd rather not have to do this twice. 

Amelia is awesome at #1.  
She has it down. 
Took herself to the potty 8 times today.
We had another chiropractor appointment today as well - 
she wore panties and had no accidents.

#2 on the other hand. 
Not there yet. 

She was so upset with me after I threw away her princess panties last night.
I refuse to clean #2 out of panties. *gag*
She was threatening me with telling her Daddy. 
All the while, I tried to keep a straight face.

We ended the day with a new cookie recipe that didn't turn out. 
So we'll have to try a different recipe tomorrow. 
Because baking and potty training go hand-in-hand.

Not sure how many days this will take but I'm hopeful she will catch on to 
the #2 thing soon.
And then we will celebrate like we've never celebrated before.
I'm not even kidding. 

Potty Camp can be tiring.
This is how she fell asleep tonight.  
I found her smashed between the bed and bedside table with her head under the bed. 
Bless it.

It's 10:45 PM in Costa Rica.  
We just FaceTimed with Alex.
They had a late night tonight. 
He's really enjoying his time there.

My nephew shared his testimony last night 
and a young man around his age
accepted Christ!  

As Alex shares stories of his day, I can tell he's falling in love with the people there. 
He has really enjoyed talking to the local pastors.

To actually make your way to one of the churches, you hike at least 2 hours in the rain up a mountain and then the church is on the other side of the mountain.  It was a tough hike.
One of the pastors said they have many members that hike like that every weekend to go to church.

Just to worship with their brothers and sisters in Christ.

He then asked Alex if his church members would do that.

I'm one of those members he's asking about. 

And I have to admit - there are a lot lesser things than a 2 hour, muddy hike in the rain, up a mountain that keep me from going to church some Sundays.

The next time I think of why I can't/don't need to go: 

Good grief, I'm spoiled.

Change my heart, Lord.

I can't wait to go back with him on one of the next mission trips.

Tomorrow is their last day in Costa Rica and then they'll travel home on Friday.
I can't wait to hear all about it and kiss his face.

Love to all,


Lauren & Eddie said...

Can I be honest? We ( was all about ME) got into a habit of being "too tired," on Sunday morning to get up and go a few years ago. I am so, so anxious and to make small talk over and over on Sunday was just too much. We were in a new (to us) church and I just didn't want to do it. At all. I've also "been awake too much" the night before, it's been "too rainy," and my children have been up too late for me to want to wake them. I've come to terms with the fact that NO excuse is a good enough reason to be skipping. Especially because James is to the age where he's voicing his opinion on things and I don't want him to think skipping church is an option. Whew. Off we go. I really, really enjoy church and normally the anxiety I feel is over after we arrive, but it has taken me a while to get to this place. The fact that people are having to make the decision to get up and HIKE to church in the rain for two hours is WAY bigger than the hurdles that I step over on my way out the door Sunday morning.

Yea for Amelia! Keep it up! I bet it won't take many pairs of princess panties being thrown out before she gets it. (One thing I do with James is that if he has an accident I don't fuss BUT he has to wear plain white undies for the rest of the day. Something about not getting the character undies is motivating!)

His Doorkeeper said...

Jill, first of all, I love your two sweet daughters and their antics. I read your FB accounts of them everyday and they are two DELIGHTFUL girls!!

I rarely post a comment but this just reminded me of the people I have encountered on my past mission trips to Nicaragua and Romania. People ENDURE all sorts of trials just to get to church and we here in America make all kinds of excuses to miss church. I always wonder what the Lord will have to say to us someday about our excuses.

I have found that the times I don't feel "up" to going to church are the times I really get the BIGGEST blessing once I'm there.

Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

Sarah said...

Bear in the Big Blue House was one of the most popular potty videos in our house a few years back. My son was also resistant to go #2 in the toilet or potty seat/chair. I remember being so incredibly stressed about it and crying and my mom told me she was confident that he wouldn't still be going in a pull up by the time he went to college. I relaxed and set pull ups in his room. If he wanted to go put one on and poop, then he did. That took a few months and he got tired of that. He decided to try it one day on his own and called me after he'd gone. Oh, yes, then the celebrating started. He never went back to pull ups and from then on he was set. He was one month away from turning 4 at the time. He needed to have it figured out before preschool at age: 4 and he made it! I hope this encourages is going to happen. Amelia will not want more princess panties to be thrown out. You are totally on the right track with everything you are doing. Stay strong! God Bless you!