Monday, June 3, 2013

Home Alone...

We were home alone for the first time in almost 6 weeks today.  I started lifting Sydney (cautiously) over the weekend to prepare myself for this week.  Sometimes I'll feel a little "pulling" sensation higher up in my stomach but I'm thinking that's just the muscles that haven't been used in almost two months.  I talked to one of the nurses at my doc's office and she said to just stop lifting her if it hurts.  I change her diaper on the floor and have her climb up to me on the chair as much as possible, but there are definitely times that I need to lift/carry her.

It's nice to have the house to ourselves again.  I am beyond thankful for the help of my family and couldn't have rested as much as I did without them.  Everyone has said "you seem to be doing so well" and I know for certain it's because I've had so much help.  I was able to rest and heal and not lift a finger for weeks!

I really appreciate those of you who've emailed or commented on your experience after a hysterectomy.  It helps me to know what I'm feeling is normal and makes me so excited to start HRT!

We've had a fun day at home.  We've played in the tent, played cards, worked on puzzles, and painted.  Aunt "Apey" bought the girls a bag full of goodies and brought them to church yesterday.  Amelia begged to open the painting set as soon as she saw it.

I've never let her work with anything but Crayola Color Wonder 
markers and paints, so girlfriend was in heaven! 

Concentrating on her work.

We waited for Sydney to take her morning nap before starting.
She would have been all up in this paint. (HA!)

We'll be doing lots of painting this summer. 
She loved this.

She said the lion needed a pink mane.

It was a rainbow lion.

She said she wanted to save it for her Daddy 
for Father's Day.

And then gave it to him when he walked through the door.

She's just like her Daddy when it comes to giving a gift - 
can't keep it a secret for anything. :)

You made this girl's day, "Apey!"

My Grandma gave Amelia this card game and chalkboard with her puzzles.  
It's perfect for her age and I was able to tell her a little bit 
about each Bible story character each time we played a different card.
She would say, "I'm going to play my blue Jousha #4!"

She insisted on keeping score. 
Amelia - 2
Mama - 3

I didn't want to stop playing but she wanted to move on to something else.

Is it bad that I don't let my three year old win? 

Sydney has started taking dirty laundry to the laundry room.
She started doing this all on her own.
I have to watch her or she'll grab clean clothes and throw them with the dirty!

She loves to help. 
I let her help me by throwing wet towels into the dryer.
She has the nose snarl down.

Me and my girls.
This was around 5:00 and Sydney was about to lose it.
We were happy to see Daddy walk through the door at 6:00! 

I'm so tired and a little sore but it was a good day. 

I'm thankful to be taking care of my babies again.

Love to all,

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