Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When Daddy is away...

We made it through our first day with Daddy away!

My back feels like it's broken but it's nothing a good chiropractor appointment 
and four advil can't fix!  I'm going this week for sure.  

I braided Amelia's hair today. 
I love braids. 
I can't give a straight part to save my life but she still looked cute.

We spent the morning outside.

Don't let this picture fool you.

It's the only picture of Sydney actually drawing with chalk. 
The rest of the time she was eating it.

And when she wasn't eating chalk, she was trying to sneak into the street. 

She can't be trusted.


Amelia Joy.

Sydney Faith.


Aunt Joy and Pryce stopped by for a visit. 

Amelia can talk him into doing just about anything. 

They were both inside this tiny tent!

He's a good cousin.

Curbside was made for Mamas who are tired and look a hot-mess
and whose husbands are out of town.

And can we just stop and talk about my ugly tablecloth for a minute?
There's not a single, solid color tablecloth in this entire city.
I've looked everywhere!

The end.

Amelia wanted to sit outside to eat. 
It was really nice outside.
Minus the mosquitoes. 

Mac-n-cheese with apple slices for Amelia.

Mac-n-cheese with green beans and grapes for Sydney.

This is when she was telling me we should invite the 
lawn man over for dinner. 

She wants to know where his house is for some reason 
and I can't find an answer to please her.

I don't know where the lawn man lives but
I'm about to give her a fake address so she'll stop asking me.

Or we could invite him over and let Amelia harass him about where he lives.

I don't know, I just imagine that to be a really awkward dinner.

Silly Sydney.

We played in the backyard after dinner.

Sydney is sort of a bully. ;)

Played a little soccer.

Amelia kept hollering, "game on!!"

We had a loaf of bread from Outback that we didn't eat.
I told Amelia we could throw it out for the birds to eat. 
I look over and Sydney has gone behind us, picked up the bread
and is shoving it in her mouth.

And that's when I gagged and we called it a night!

Love to all,


Lauren & Eddie said...

Good job, Mama! I'd be tired, too! Someone once told me that if your hair doesn't part straight that you're ambidextrous or at least have ambidextrous tendencies. The lady who told me was playing t-ball with James and realized very quickly that he throws right handed and hits left handed. She asked about his part and I have always had a hard time with his hair. Once she told me I realized that MY part is crooked, too, and I write left handed but do most other things right handed. I know that's random, but I thought I'd share! Hang in there while Alex is gone!

Shannon said...

I loved this post. Sydney reminds me SO much of Reagan. From eating chalk, trying to get to the street, being a bully, eating off the ground....all of it! So funny!!!