Monday, June 17, 2013

Way to go!!

Amelia has been staying dry all day, pretty much every day.
She did have one accident while playing with her cousin on Saturday.
She just got busy and held it too long. 

She continued to go #2 in her panties. 
And I continued to try not to lose my mind.

I put her back in the white training panties. 
She didn't like that very much but several of you told 
me that the princess panties could be a reward, so that's 
what we decided to do. 

She knows when she needs to go #2.
On Saturday, she stood right beside the potty and went in her panties.

Yesterday afternoon, I saw Sydney was trying to go #2.
I don't know what made me think to do this but 
I picked her up, sat her on the potty, and she went #2 in the potty.

No, I'm not trying to potty train my 15 month old, but I 
thought if I could show Amelia that Sydney did it, 
she wouldn't be scared to try it. 

I was desperate, y'all.

She has told us for months that she's scared to go #2 in the potty.

I asked Amelia how it made her feel that Sydney went #2 on the potty
and she said, "I'm so proud of her!!"

So that worked out exactly the way I had planned.


Poor Sydney.  
She was looking at me like I was crazy when I sat her on that potty!

But then today.  

After Alex got home.

He asked Amelia if today would be the day.

And she said, "I might try to go, Daddy."

And about 5 minutes later...

She ran to the potty on her own and went #2!!!!

She did it!!

All on her own!!

And I cried.

You would have thought my child had just graduated college.

Or just said, "I do."

Potty training is not for the weak.

I know harder parenting days are to come - 
but potty training almost broke me down.

And two seconds after she got off the potty, 
we broke open that grill that had been sitting in the garage for almost a month.

We were going to go get ice cream but she said, 
"no, let's go tomorrow, I want to play with my grill some more."

She asked us yesterday if we could open the grill 
since Sydney went #2 in the potty.

She said Big Teddy needed to potty train now and passed
her white training pants on to him.  

She got to open a new package of Minnie Mouse
panties that we bought last week for this very day.

We're celebrating all week. 
Tomorrow we're going to the snow cone stand
and taking her wherever she wants to go for dinner.

Amelia Joy, 
If you read this post when you're 16, 
you'll want to die of embarrassment.

But it had to be written. (LOL)

You are funny and smart and beautiful and hard-headed 
and strong-willed and soft-hearted and potty trained!!

Way to go!!
(pun intended)

We're so proud of you!


elainaann said...

Her quotes are hilarious!!!

Love her. Tell her Aunt E is very proud of her!

Lauren & Eddie said...

WAY TO GO, AMELIA!!! Isn't that the best feeling? Hope it continues! (And good job, Sydney! LOL.)

Christi said...

Way to go Amelia! She melts my heart! And I totally used to say that potty camp would be a very profitable business!

Ashley E. said...

YAY AMELIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren said...

YAYAYAYAY Amelia!!!!! :)

Faith said...

WOOOO HOOOO!!!! So proud of that girl!! Yay Amelia!!

Joannah said...

It's a big deal! So glad you are celebrating in style. :)

Todd and Courtney said...

Awesome news! Lauren went #2 in her panties for a good 6 months. It seriously drove me bonkers. At 3 1/2, she finally decided to go in the potty. I tell ya though, poopy panties grossed me out so bad. Our sweet stubborn girls just had to figure it out on their own :)