Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fun day with friends...

I started my day with my favorite kcup.
Caramel Almond Torte. 
So good.  

When Alex is away, I go through CFA and have them make up a
few of their yogurt/granola parfaits. 
I stick them in the fridge and that's my breakfast each morning while he's away.
Fast and easy.

We had a busy day today. 

My friend Ginny came to visit with her two daughters. 

We were so excited to have them here. 

My girls will never sit still like this and take a pic AND SMILE.
Not sure how Allie pulled this off but she might become our new 
family photographer. 

Allie french braided Amelia's hair.  
Amelia thought this was the coolest thing ever. 
Puts her Mamas uneven-part braids to shame.

Gin and I discussed how long it had been since we had pictures taken together. 

It has been a LONG TIME.  

I'm going to find a comparison pic to show soon. 

Those are always humiliating fun. 

We were trying to get that perfect angle. 
The one that makes you look like an angel
without double-chins.  

Take #3

Take #4. 
This is the one we're going with. 
This is a framer. 
And no double-chin in sight.

Gin, I had the best time catching up with you
and hanging out with your girls.
Your girls are beautiful and precious!
I hope you can come visit again soon.
Amelia loves her new bestie, Presley.
And Sydney loves her new bestie, Allie.
Come back soon!!

We headed to LG after saying goodbye to Gin and her girls. 
We stayed pretty late.  
Too late to get home and do bath time, so that will happen tomorrow. 
That's the beauty of summer and Daddy being away though, right?
Relaxed schedule.

Such a fun day. 

Today marks my 6 weeks post-op!!
HRT, come to Mama.

Love to all,

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